Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In the beggining...

Here is the first post for my blog. I'll start by linking the papers that I'm looking at and the page where i'll be getting the video files for my first data set.

video sequence:

Super-Resolution Enhancement of Text Image Sequences - Capel & zisserman
Automated mosaicin with super-resolution zoom - capel and zisserman
Robust super resolution - zomet, rav-acha, peleg
super-resolution from multiple images having arbitrary mutual motion - zomet, peleg
mosaicing from a translating camera, with efficient application of super-resolution - zomet (thesis)


Blogger hemanth said...

Hi Jesse
I went through your blogs on bayesian Super resolution. I too am doing a project following the dissertation by capel. If it were possible can you correspond with me we could share some ideas.
My email id is
I am new to blogs and unable to get your email id.

12:49 AM  

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