Wednesday, January 25, 2006

a new angle

I’ve been looking at “Image Mosaicing and Super-resolution”, which is the thesis for David Peter Capel, on recommendation of Serge.

After consideration, I believe following this thesis will be more beneficial and a better use of my time than trying to use my previous papers. The reason that I believe this is because the thesis brings together all of the elements that I need to implement into one unified framework. Rather than trying to use bits and pieces that I’ve found in different papers, I can hopefully use a single paper, albeit a long one. In this way I’ll have everything I need to start off with in one place, and later on if I want to make improvements based on other papers I will be able to start from a solid foundation.

Based on this thesis, the three major steps I will need to implement are as follows:
1.) Image registration : aligning overlapping images accurately.
2.) Image mosaicing : putting multiple overlapping images into a single image.
3.) Super-resolution : using extra information gained from overlapping images to extract a higher resolution image which will contain more fine detail.

The next steps that I will take towards accomplishing these three items will be to implement the method of image registration from the thesis and apply it to synthetic low resolution image sets that I will create from high resolution images.


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